this is a group where parents who have lost children can come and share pictures stories or just have a chat with other parents that have been through the same, also siblings as siblings can also find it just as hard as parent to lose a brother or sister and some siblings grieve like a parent, it is'nt a ladies only group, men feel the loss of their children just as much, but some people forget the dads , so dads feel free to join aswell, This group does have pictures of loved ones before they have passed and also some pictures of loved ones Angels after they have passed so if you feel that you may not be ready to look at things like this or it will upset you then maybe you could join at a later date when you feel more ready xx I created this group after the loss of my own 2 children. I am the mother of 11 i look after my husband shane as his fulltime carer due to an illness he contracted last year i run this group and i am always here to try and help and support others along with all members of the group

Sent by jill on 13/06/2016